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UT Social Research Workshop

Organizer: Tim Gill, Assistant Professor of Sociology

The purpose of the UTK Social Research Workshop is to cultivate a space wherein professors and graduate students can engage in open and constructive discussion about their works-in-progress. The hope is that as a result of such discussions that scholars might enhance their work and move towards eventual publication. We will post papers a week in advance, and we ask attendants to read papers before our meetings so that they might best assist our guests with suggestions and constructive criticism. Should you not have time to read the paper, you are still most welcome to join us. Within the workshop itself, presenters will talk about their paper for 5-10 minutes. The remainder of the time is reserved for open and constructive discussion.

Fall Semester 2020

October 16, 3:30-5:00: “Economic Competition and Police-Caused Killings”

  • Stephanie Bohon, Professor of Sociology, University of Tennessee
  • Ruben Ortiz, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture


November 13, 4:00-5:30: “The Currency of Classical Critical Theory:  Rackets, Authoritarian Personalities, Administered World (and the Prospect of Vitacide)”

  • Harry F. Dahms, Professor of Sociology and Co-Chair of the Committee on Social Theory, University of Tennessee


November 20: “Putting Out Fires: The Varying Temporalities of Disasters”


December 04: “The Effect of Economic Shocks on Individual Preferences for Redistribution – The Case Study of Greece”

  • Eszter Timar, Graduate Student in Sociology, University of Tennessee


January 22: “‘Like a Hotel Stay’: Pay-to-Stay and the Production of Incarceration as a Public Commodity”

  • Brittany Friedman, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Faculty Affiliate of the Program in Criminal Justice and the Center for Security, Race, and Rights, Rutgers University


February 12: “The Structural Location of Blackness”


March 05: “Income Inequality in Rich Democracies: Identifying the Distributional Mechanisms of Structural Change and Institutional Context”


March 26: “Land Grabbing in Colombia and Environmental Governance Mechanisms”

  • Álvaro Germán Torres Mora, Graduate Student in Sociology, University of Tennessee


April 2: “The Anatomy of Regime Change: Iraqi Exiles, Neoconservatives, and the Invasion of Iraq”