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Alderman, Derek Geography A&S
Allgood Berry, Ann Family and Consumer Sciences Agriculture
Anderson, Ashlee B. Theory and Practice in Teacher Education EHHS
Angelle, Pamela S. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies EHHS
Ansley, Fran Law Law
Amarante, Eric Franklin Law Law
Barton, Ben Law Law
Blitt, Robert Law Law
Bohon, Stephanie Sociology A&S
Brooms, Derrick Sociology & Africana Studies A&S
Brown, Clara Lee Theory and Practice in Teacher Education EHHS
Brown, Michelle Sociology A&S
Cano, Luis Modern Foreign Languages and Literature A&S
Ceballos, Manuela Religion A&S
Chen, Chien-Fei Sociology A&S
Christian, Michelle Sociology A&S
Christiani, Leah Political Science A&S
Conley, Meghan Sociology A&S
Cruz, Sherley Law Law
Cureton, Adam Philosophy A&S
Dahms, Harry F. Sociology A&S
Davis, Jeffrey Theory and Practice in Teacher Education EHHS
Destine, Shaneda Sociology A&S
Dunn, Allen R. English A&S
East, Lisa Sociology A&S
Eaves, LaToya Geography A&S
Elias, Amy English A&S
Ergas, Christina Sociology A&S
First, Jennifer Social Work Social Work
Fouts, Hillary Child and Family Studies EHHS
Gardiner, Georgi Philosophy A&S
Garthoff, Jonathan Philosophy A&S
Gellert, Paul Sociology A&S
Gilbertson, Tamra L. Sociology A&S
Gill, Timothy M. Sociology A&S
Gras, David Management Haslam College of Business
Hackett, Rosalind I.J. Religious Studies A&S
Hall, J. Camille Social Work Social Work
Haselschwerdt, Megan Child and Family Studies EHHS
Heminway, Joan Law Law
Henricks, Kasey Sociology A&S
Hulsether, Mark Religious Studies A&S
Jacobs, Becky Law Law
Jalata, Asafa Sociology/Africana Studies A&S
Jones, Robert E. Sociology A&S
Kelly, Nathan J. Political Science A&S
Laughter, Jud Theory and Practice in Teacher Education EHHS
Leap, Terry Management Business
Love, Adam Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies EHHS
Luke, Nikki Geography A&S
Madrid Akpovo, Samara Child and Family Studies EHHS
Martin, Kelly Brooke Social Work Social Work
Mindrup, Robert Social Work Social Work
Morgan, Jana Political Science A&S
Moulton, Alex A. Sociology A&S
Muñoz, Solange  Geography A&S
Murray, Brittany Modern Foreign Languages and Literature A&S
Nolt, John Philosophy A&S
Nunnally, Shayla C. Africana Studies and
Political Science
Ojeda, Christopher Political Science A&S
Pendry, De Ann Anthropology A&S
Perry, Larry S. Religious Studies A&S
Presser, Lois Sociology A&S
Reidy, David Philosophy A&S
Sall, Amadou Africana Studies A&S
Sharma, Madhuri Geography A&S
Shefner, Jon Sociology A&S
Smith, Anne Management Haslam College of Business
Steadman, Dawnie Wolfe Anthropology A&S
Stehle, Maria Modern Foreign Languages and Literature A&S
Swamy, Raja Anthropology A&S
Thayer-Bacon, Barbara J Educational Psychology and Counseling EHHS
Thom-El-Amin, Enkeshi Rodire Sociology A&S
Wall, Tyler Sociology A&S
Williams, Deadric Sociology A&S

Graduate Fellows

Castillo, Sarah Sociology A&S
Knowles, Anthony J. Sociology A&S
Muhammad, Jeremiah W. Political Science A&S
Vera, Nadya Sociology A&S

Global Fellows

Crombez, Joel Kennesaw State University Sociology
Deb, Nikhil Murray State University Sociology
Fidan, Ahmet Adiyaman University, Turkey Sociology
Karaman, Nuray T. C. Usak University, Turkey Sociology
Kurti, Zhandarka Loyola University Chicago Criminal Justice and Criminology
Leebrick, Rhiannon Wofford College Soc. & Anthro.
Lybeck, Eric Royal Manchester University, UK Education
McKenney, Zachary Hartwick College Sociology

Ortiz, Ruben Center for Policing Equity Product Discovery
Panageotou, Steven College of Idaho Political Economy
Price, Carmel University of Michigan – Dearborn Behav. Sci.
Rowland, Aaron University of Tennessee – Martin Sociology
Stoner, Alexander Northern Michigan U. Soc. & Anthro.